How AI is Improving Visual Content for Financial Services Marketing

Financial services companies invest a lot of money in advertising. According to an Emarketer report, around 14% of digital expenditures come from advertising. However, they do not focus on converting leads into customers. They heavily rely on outdated marketing tactics. It is necessary to understand the changing dynamics of marketing and the transition to digital marketing backed by Artificial intelligence. Visual content plays a crucial role in promoting and marketing services. In this competitive market, visual content helps to stand out and greatly influence customer decisions.

AI can improve all areas of financial service marketing—specifically, online visibility and engagement on digital platforms. Social platforms are powerful communication tools of today. They can shape a brand identity. However, most of the online content of financial services marketing is boring. For example, bank profiles only use posts and alerts about banking system outages. It does not create content that is emotionally appealing to the users. AI applications can be effective in improving visual content for financial services marketing. 

Digital Marketing Content Creation

Most of the people searching for financial services use digital channels. Most of the customers call a financial service after an online search. If they do not find you online, they will not contact you. Therefore, it is essential to have an online presence. Again! Having an online presence is not enough. Consumers look for personalization with solid digital visibility. It is necessary to have innovative marketing strategies to build trust. It must be based on accurate data. AI tools provide insights into consumer behavior and preferences. They are using that information. Financial services can create marketing strategies that make an impact on potential customers. Once you have a plan that you can generate with the help of AI tools such as ChatGPT, next is content creation. 

Content Creation for digital marketing 

Finance Service’s marketing strategy must use new AI tools to create unique content. The content should be beyond just information about holidays or any outages. It must generate curiosity among the audience. The best content for digital marketing includes all types of content using the required format. Financial services must include images, videos, animations, infographics, and artistic photos. AI tools can create realistic images using text prompts.

Moreover, it can help create informative infographics. A content mix of infographics, posts, articles, blogs, short videos, and seminars will help build strong connections with the audience. AI can generate catchy headings for social media posts. Aesthetically appealing content can engage a wider audience for a long time. People enjoy visual content and get emotionally attached. Financial service marketers can use AI style transfer to generate new images with the same style as another image. They can give text prompts to write descriptions and social media posts aligned with the image. AI tools use analytics to provide insight into trending topics. Information about the financial market would interest people; workshops on current issues would engage the audience. It will finally turn them into customers. 

Advertising for Financial service marketing 

Besides social media content, AI can generate advertisements for businesses. It can create visually attractive ads for different financial service companies. Businesses can automate repetitive tasks. AI tools give an insight into what type of ads work well. It is essential to consider the elements of digital ad campaigns. Among them, visuals are crucial. Businesses can include images, graphics, and other elements in the ad campaigns. Making an Ad aesthetically captivating must be a priority.  As people scroll through social media, the ads must make them stop and click. Therefore, brands highly focus on video thumbnails. They use catchy images and text in their thumbnails. Similarly, financial services marketing must consider insights from user data. It will give an idea of which content works for ads. 

AI has improved visual content for financial service marketing. These tools are accessible to all. The AI tools are beneficial in attracting potential customers. It is essential to understand your audience through AI analytics. Then, generate a marketing strategy that works well for all audiences. Companies can create images, make videos, and add animations to websites using AI tools. To get maximum benefit from AI, learn how to give prompt (input) to AI. Use it for an experiment and learn about AI tools that might be helpful. 

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