The Exuberance of Coord Sets, Party Dresses and Maxi Dresses for Women at House of Sal

In the elegant affair of dressing up and styling, certain trends beckon us to embrace our femininity that effortlessly blends versatility with timeless exuberance. Among these trending staples, our favourites have been coord sets, party dresses and maxi dresses for women. Each of these styles offer unceasing mix of chic, comfort and grandness that makes them essentials of every women’s modern wardrobe. At House of Sal, we curate these enduring pieces in our own style and elevate the allure of your fashion story. Be a part of this dynamic fashion charm with our newly launched collection.

The Playful Duo: Coord Sets for women

When u need to look fashionable and got no time to spare on decoding full fledged ensembles, then Coord Sets are your saviours! These are the stylish answers to the everyday confusion of mixing and matching. These are Sets of blended prints, typically a top and a bottom that are designed in such a way of completeness that they tend to give a symmetrical look. These ensembles will give you a fully styled look with minimal effort of putting together different layers. From casual family meets to grand dinner dates, these coords can be adorned according to the occasional demands.

At our brand, these Coord Sets are designed with refined detailing in comfortable and quality materials such as cotton, linen and Satin. These happening sets are also displayed in various prints and patterns that have become our brand’s

most loved coords. The quirky design of our wrap skorts with shirts are ideal for any solemn occasions, that will make you the trendiest of the group. Let these coord sets take the centre position and thereby use minimal accessories to complete the look. Explore a never ending charm of Coord sets for women at House of Sal.

The dazzling star: party wear dresses for women for women

The sparkle and glam of a perfect party wear dress is what a woman’s dreams are made of and at our brand you’ll find an array of options that will fit the needs of any formal event.

Our pile of latest party wear dresses for women are designed with accurate amount of charisma and will make you feel like the star of the show. These captivating pieces are ideal for the solemn occasions of festivities, cocktail parties, galas and even date nights.

Our ultimate show stopping designs and silhouettes reflect a constant glamour and sophistication. The options are unlimited as you’ll find varied options from colourful go to mini dresses, sleek and classy Satin dresses to hot and sexy backless dresses. You’ll even find a handful of quirky printed dresses that are exhibited in a way of flossy ultrachic appearance. Choose the perfect dress that accentuates your body and face and add bold classic statement accessories to finish off the styling. Confidence and assertiveness radiates when one is comfortable and settled in what they wear and at our brand these top glamorous party wear dresses for women do provide comfort with vogue styling. So choose your showstopper now!

The Ultimate Solace of Maxi Dresses for women

Maxi dresses for women embody a complete look with almost negligible effort. These are dresses that reach down till the ankles and are amazingly comfortable pieces. These are ideal for any occasion at any given time of the day, from casual picnics to sophisticated evening gatherings. We at House of Sal provide various colours and patterns in maxi dresses that will make you feel comfortable plus give you vogue styling.

Our designers stitch these dresses in breathable and soft fabrics so that you can go on twirling and whirling the whole day. Our subtle and vibrant printed maxis, body complimenting layered maxis to playful asymmetrical maxis, all have won hearts of our customers. So now it’s your turn to choose one and elevate them with your favourite accessories.


The tapestry of the fashion industry has always been dynamic and open to novel ideas and among these the most loved have been Coord Sets, party dresses and maxi dresses. These pieces of convenience have been incorporated as slaying staples that every women’s closet calls for. Embrace these

trends with our label’s unique fashion that aspires to

represent the vibrancy of feminine energy.

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