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Blooket is an attractive educational gaming platform. It has gained popularity among teachers and students alike for its interactive and entertaining learning experiences. Blooket Code, which is essential for gaining access to various game modes and events. They are fundamental to the platform’s functionality. In this section, we will explore the significance of the Blooket ecosystem, and how to effectively use them to maximize your educational gaming experience.

How to Generate Blooket Code

To fully leverage the Blooket platform’s capabilities, users must familiarize themselves with the process of generating different types of Blooket Code. The journey begins with accessing the Blooket Creator Dashboard. Creators can unleash their creativity and design custom games. It paves the way for exciting learning experiences. Here, we delve into the four main types of Blooket Code and the steps to create them:

Public Game Codes

Public Game Codes offer an open invitation to all players. It allows anyone to join the game without restrictions. Creators can effortlessly share these codes with their audiences, fostering inclusivity. Numerous players are subsequently motivated to immediately join the thrilling Blooket action. To generate Public Game Codes, follow these simple steps on the Blooket Creator Dashboard:

  • Choose “Public Game” as the game mode for your Blooket creation.
  • Finalize your game settings and configurations.
  • Obtain the unique Public Game Code, and share it with players through various communication channels.

Locked Game Codes

Locked Game Codes offer the ideal solution for game developers looking to restrict access to their creations. With this feature, you can limit access to the game to those who have the right code. Teachers find Locked Game Codes especially valuable when they want to limit game access to specific groups or classes. To generate Locked Game Codes, follow these steps on the Blooket Creator Dashboard:

  • Choose “Locked Game” as the game mode when creating your Blooket game.
  • Set up the game parameters and configure the security settings as needed.
  • Acquire the Locked Game Code and securely share it with the intended participants.

Event Codes

Blooket hosts a myriad of exciting events. Each offers unique game modes, challenges, and rewards. To participate in these exclusive events, players must enter specific Event Codes shared by the event organizers. Event Codes introduce a sense of excitement and camaraderie among participants. It fosters a community spirit within the Blooket platform. To create Event Codes and host captivating events, follow these steps on the Blooket Creator Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the “Events” section on the Blooket Creator Dashboard.
  • Set the event’s start and end times, game modes, and special rewards for participants.
  • Generate a distinctive Event Code for the event, and share it with eager players, inviting them to partake in the limited-time festivities.

Class Codes

Blooket can be used by teachers to manage classes and create customized learning opportunities for their students. Teachers can gather a committed group of students and offer them individualized educational content by using Class Codes. Students can conveniently join their respective classes using the provided Class Code. 

To create and manage classes with Class Codes, follow these steps on the Blooket Creator Dashboard:

  • Access the “Classroom” section on the Blooket Creator Dashboard.
  • Create a new class and customize it with relevant details such as class name and description.
  • Obtain the unique Class Code and share it exclusively with students.

Use Blooket Code as a Player

Use Blooket as a player

Have you understood how to generate Blooket Code? Now, it’s essential to know how to use them as a player to access the exciting games.

Joining Public Game Codes

Blooket’s “Join Game” feature allows players to enter Public Game Codes and participate in games hosted by various creators. With no restrictions, players can quickly immerse themselves in the world of educational gaming.

Unlocking and Joining Locked Game Codes

Locked Game Codes offer a controlled experience. It assures that only intended participants can access the game. Players must enter the correct Locked Game Code to unlock and join these games. 

Participating in Events using Event Codes

Blooket regularly hosts events with unique game modes and rewards. Players can access these special events by obtaining the Event Codes shared by the event organizers. These events create a sense of community and excitement within the Blooket platform.

Connecting with Teachers and Classmates using Class Codes

Class Codes allow teachers to create personalized learning environments for their students. Students can join these classes using the provided Class Code. It develops collaboration and engagement within a classroom setting.


Blooket Codes open the door to a world of interactive and educational gaming experiences. These distinctive identifiers, which range from Public Game Codes to Class Codes, are vital for gaining access to different game modes and events for Blooket play. Blooket’s educational gaming capabilities can be fully unlocked by educators, students, and players. An enjoyable and memorable learning experience for everyone is made possible by knowing how to generate and use Blooket Codes effectively.

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