The Navigation Of Data Acquisition System Tender Implementation In India


A data acquisition system is a system that is made up of 2 considerable residential properties, consisting of software and hardware applications. This configuration is made to accumulate, process, and also evaluate data from several external resources. A complete data acquisition system has 4 corresponding devices, such as data acquisition hardware, sensor units and actuators, signal conditioning equipment, and a computer system running a data acquisition software application. These systems incorporate data converters as well as communication interfaces. Mainly, a data acquisition system gathers data properly and effectively. After accumulating data, they transform the analog signals from sensor units together with actuators into digital data. This data can be refined by computers that allow real-time surveillance as well as control functions. For instance, temperature level sensor units are seen in HVAC systems, pressure sensor units are seen in commercial equipment, and EEG sensor units are seen in clinical devices. To make it possible for real-time tracking, control, and procedure evaluation, data acquisition systems are an essential element to evaluate. The application of the data acquisition system tenders plays an essential role in the automation of numerous industries, comparable to medical care, transport, and production. This article intends to comprehend the details as well as the essential elements of DAS tender execution in India. DAS is a type of automation. Besides DAS, government agencies frequently advertise automation tenders

Yearly Analysis of DAS Tenders: 

In India, the periodic analysis of data acquisition system tenders reveals valuable insights into the data-acquiring processes of commercial sectors ranging from healthcare to manufacturing. Any field that requires data collection, analysis, and control, can benefit from adopting data acquisition systems. Every year in India, various DAS tenders are advertised by government organizations and public sector associations. Approximately, 491 tenders were published in India last year. Among these tenders, the state of Maharashtra ranked at the top, issuing 72 tenders for data acquisition systems. The queue was gradually followed by Karnataka with 60 bids, Tamil Nadu with 39 and Telangana with 36. These tenders were published by 141 agencies accountable for implementing these tenders, including government and non-government bodies. The Department of Defence took the first position among other agencies while announcing 51 tenders. Subsequently, the Department of Higher Education advertised 42 bids, and the Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research published 41 contracts. 

DAS tenders for supply & installation: 

In the long list of 491 tenders issued by the 141 agencies regarding data acquisition system tender implementation, 13 were advertised for the supply and installation process of data acquisition systems. The CCE Upper Kolab project in Jeypore, Odisha, issued a tender notice for the supply and installation of modern scientific and electronic instruments for the operation of the Telengiri Dam, including a security surveillance system. Besides, the Betwa River Board also invited tender notices for the supply and installation of instruments for the Earth Dam/Masonry Dam and fed the data to the DAS of Rajghat Dam.  Besides, the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, in Telangana, advertised a bid notice for the supply and installation of a multichannel thermal data acquisition system. There are 5745 dams in India, where there is significant potential for DAS equipment installation.  

DAS tenders for annual maintenance: 

When it comes to annual maintenance, 11 bids were proposed for various data acquisition systems. For illustration, the Indian Oil Corporation Limited in Assam published a notice for a 3 years comprehensive annual maintenance contract (CAMC) to provide service and support for data transmission from remote stations to RT-DAS servers in PCBA from various locations of Digboi Refinery. Then, TNEB Limited in Tamil Nadu issued a notice for an annual maintenance contract for online monitoring and data transmission of stack parameters from VGTPS to CARE AIR CENTRE, TNPCB, / CPCB through SAM-WI Data Acquisition software available. The Tamil Nadu State Electricity Board further illustrated a tender notice for the annual maintenance contract for online monitoring and data transmission of stack parameters from VGTPS to Care Air Centre through TNPCB / CPCB.

Data Acquisition System tenders for procurement: 

Compared to other tender initiatives, the tender for the procurement of data acquisition system gave more valuable insights. For example, the Automotive Research Association of India in Maharashtra invited a tender initiative for the procurement of the e-DAQ base layer and bridge layer for upgrade and synchronization with the existing SDL e-DAQ system. The UR Rao Satellite Centre Bengaluru in Karnataka advertised a bid notice for the procurement of NC-AMSC for the DDC system at CATVAC and AITF1. Whereas, the National Institute of Technology Rourkela in Odisha also published a notice related to the procurement of real-time biomechanics data acquisition, visualization, and biomechanical analysis solutions.

Data Acquisition System Tenders for Software Upgrade: 

Among 491 bids, 3 bids were specially invited for the software upgrade of data acquisition systems in India. The Directorate of Purchase and Stores in Madhya Pradesh published a notice stating the Supply, Installation Commission, and Warranty of Repair, Software Upgradation, and Calibration of the Langmuir Probe Data Acquisition Electronic Unit. 

Contract Value for DAS Tenders:

For every tender, the agencies have to spend a huge amount of money generally. Few agencies disclose the estimated budget for invited tenders. For instance, the Municipal Corporation Shimla in Himachal Pradesh proposed a tender that was estimated at Rs. 1.24 crore for the comprehensive operation maintenance of field instruments at different locations, the data acquisition system of process parameters for the Water Supply System of Shimla Town, and the operation maintenance of two UPC electromagnetic flow meters. The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, situated in Tamil Nadu, organized a tender estimating a budget of Rs. 4.89 crore to maintain the supply, installation, testing, and commissioning process of the data acquisition and control system. Whereas, the Haryana International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) spends Rs. 40 lakh for the annual rate contract for the rental of DaQ and sensors for 12 months. 

Live Pitch Evaluation: 

As of April 16, 2024, 16 DAS tenders were live in India., Karnataka was ranked at the top with 4 tenders among other states, followed by both Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand with 3 each., A total of 2 tenders were published in Madhya Pradesh and Kerala., 


In India, digitization initiatives are increasing, and the country itself is exploring them. So the demand for durable data acquisition systems is anticipated to expand throughout markets. The acceptance of rising modern technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) will certainly, even more, improve the capacities of DAS driving technology and performance. So, navigating the tender execution of data acquisition systems in India needs careful preparation, risk-owner collaboration, and adherence to regulatory structures. By embracing the finest techniques as well as leveraging technical improvements, companies can harness the power of data to drive lasting advancement as well as financial development.

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