Top 10 YouTube Channels for Learning New Skills

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YouTube is not only a platform for entertainment. It is also a place for quality education and professional development. It is not always necessary to study in college to gain new knowledge. If you are self-disciplined and persistent, you can master new skills with the help of the best YouTube channels for learning. All you need is a great desire and a list of 10 best self help YouTube channels.

Why is YouTube a great option?

Firstly, experts share their experiences free of charge. Secondly, you do not need to listen to long and boring lectures. There are a lot of short but informative videos. Finally, just imagine that you do not have to go anywhere far. You can comfortably sit down with a laptop/tablet at home, in your favorite café, or on vacation, turn on YouTube, and start gaining valuable knowledge or mastering a new profession.

Yet, be attentive! In rare cases, YouTube can be blocked in some countries or public places like libraries or universities. At the same time, you can easily get access to your favorite channels if you know how to unblock videos on YouTube. There are several trouble-free methods to unblock YouTube videos with just a few clicks. You can use a VPN to bypass YouTube restrictions. Also, you can unblock the platform with a proxy. However, it does not fully guarantee the security of your data. Remember that you can always watch videos offline using the downloader Pulltude or anonymous browser Tor.

10 channels worth watching

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1. Donal Skehan

It is a channel of Irish TV presenter and chef Donal Skehan. He is especially fond of baking, so the channel has many video lessons dedicated to sweets. For example, you can watch how to prepare a cake with stout or several varieties of Pavlova desserts. In addition, he shares food photography hacks. There is a separate “One Pan” section for those who do not like washing dishes. Donal explains how to cook meals using just one pan.

2. Darren LaCroix

American speaker and comedian Darren La Croix talks about writing speeches and overcoming the fear of public speaking. He shares the mistakes that speakers make and gives a lot of useful advice. Over the years, Darren has published dozens of public speaking videos.

3. HDPiano

It teaches piano playing with the help of well-known hits by famous musicians. There are songs by Maroon 5, Avicii, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, and many others. The channel is suitable for those who are already familiar with the basics of playing the piano.

4. No Divide

You can learn web design and be inspired by the works of others. In the #LetsTalkDesign video series, the channel author covers topics such as career advancement, training, and design project management.


A great educational channel or those who want to understand programming! Programming languages, web hacks, and thousands of other tutorials. You can watch video lessons and pass tests on knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, Chrome Extensions, ASP.NET, C ++, Python!


Photographer and filmmaker Ted Forbes shares his vast experience in this field, uploading content every week. Photography is his passion, and he wants to share a 360-degree overview of the world of photography. The videos are about equipment, life hacks related to shooting, principles of composition, stories about the basics of shooting, and all the intricacies of a photographer’s work.

7. Home & Garden for Mere Mortals

This channel will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to take on home improvement and gardening. Here, you will find many fun and creative ideas.

8. Work It Daily

It is dedicated to building a successful career and solving complex issues that arise in the work team. The motto of the channel founders sounds attractive: a career without stress and complications. Who would refuse such a thing?

9. Practical Psychology

This channel will help you get acquainted with the basics of human psychology and success. There are also animated book reviews and educational videos on personal development and financial literacy. In addition, the authors of the channel respond to all comments on the video.

10. Simpletivity

This channel is full of hacks and tips, ideas, and apps for productivity and time management. Channel founder Scott Friesen is a productivity coach whose mission is to help you achieve more without stress.


If you are eager to develop new skills, choose YouTube for learning. With our recommendations, you can become an expert in different spheres from cooking and coding to photography and DIY projects. Do not hesitate to start and choose the best YouTube course for your needs.

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