Fun Activities for the Family with Bounce Houses

Many parents seeking family outings often opt for amusement parks or crowded events in search of the perfect balance between entertainment and affordability. A new trend provides an alternative: Bounce Houses Rentals Fontana, Ca in your own backyard. By shelling out sums on tickets, parking and food at a bustling amusement park you can enjoy a day of bouncing fun at a fraction of the cost. Adding some party games is sure to elevate the experience.

Exciting Party Games for Kids

1. Stop and Go Game

When you give the signal to start encouraging the kids to hop around like their animals. You could suggest they hop like kangaroos, prance, like ponies or leap like frogs. Then when you call out “Stop!” challenge them to freeze in place without toppling over. Its guaranteed to create plenty of laughter as they attempt to halt their movement without losing their balance.

2. Flag Capture

Watching kids bounce around while trying to grab streamers will bring smiles around. Divide the children into two teams. Assign them colors. You will need streamers, in two colors (one for each team) and two “flags,” one for each team to grab from the other side. If you don’t have a flag you can use a balloon or ball instead. The game involves team members attempting to snatch streamers and flags from the opposing team. The victorious team is the one with the captured streamers and flags.

3. Bounce and Tumble Races

Another fun activity is Bounce and Tumble Races where kids can either run or in pairs as a team. It’s a way to teach children about teamwork. You can also spice things up by having them mimic animals during the races like hopping like bunnies or racing like leapfrogs. Remember to promote play and discourage any flipping antics. This game will help kids release all their pent up energy before the party wraps up leaving them exhausted and their parents grateful, for some peace!

4. Volley Balloon Bounce

For Volley Balloon Bounce split into two teams. Provide each with a colored balloon. The fair is for kids to keep hitting their balloon over to the side without bursting it or continue playing until it touches the bounce house floor. Challenge them to see how long they can keep the volleyball balloon in play. You could even add balloons to make a volleyball balloon frenzy where the kids aim to keep all the balloons in the air without bursting or dropping to the ground.

5. Musical Statues

While the music is playing, let the kids have their dance party. Then when the music stops tell them to freeze in place without moving. Anyone who falls or keeps moving is out. A new round starts until one person remains standing as the winner!

6. Exercise

Everyone knows how enjoyable bouncing in a bouncy house can be.. You might not realize that your kids are getting exercise benefits as they jump and bounce inside these inflatable structures. A bouncy house helps elevate their heart rate and provides workout enjoyment during family playtime. Imagine a box on the ground. The aim is to bounce from one corner of the box to another in a clockwise direction. Upon landing your aim is to move to reach the next corner. This simple exercise is suitable for children of all ages.. If you stumble or fall you’ll land in the bounce house or on a hard surface. 


In the quest, for creating lasting family memories choosing a bounce house rental or splurging on a trip to a theme park is a smart decision. It’s not about cutting costs; it’s about making the most of moments shared with loved ones. By opting for bounce houses families can rekindle the joy of being, without the stress of planning or financial burden. With an array of inflatables you can select the character or theme for your child’s upcoming birthday celebration.

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