Understanding Your Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card Statement: A Comprehensive Guide

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card (“Card”) is a credit card issued by Axis Bank in association with Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd. (Flipkart) to you (“Customer”). It is a co-branded card designed primarily for online shopping. It comes with unlimited cashback on transactions on popular apps like Uber, Swiggy, PVR, Myntra, Tata Play, etc. After being issued, it can be used immediately, and welcome benefits of INR 1100 will also be received. Also, get four complimentary domestic visits with Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card Lounge Access (limited to one per calendar quarter).

This virtual card offers attractive benefits upon activation, making it affordable and accessible. One of the card’s key features is that there’s no limit on the amount of cashback that can be received per month. The entire cashback amount earned during a month is automatically credited to the card account at the end of every billing cycle. 

An Axis Bank credit card statement can help you obtain a summary of the transactions carried out in a billing cycle. In this article, we will review the Flipkart Axis Bank credit card statement.

Salient Features of Axis Bank Credit Card Statement

Mentioned below are the salient features of Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Statement:

  • It is considered to be a complete financial document that is self-sufficient for multiple purposes.
  • An Axis Bank credit card statement can be obtained either offline or online.
  • You can ascertain all the fees and interests charged to the credit card accounts and know whether any unauthenticated activity or fees are reported.
  • Also, one can make a follow-up on monetary and non-monetary incentives with the Axis Bank credit card statements.
  • One can track the monetary transactions online; Axis Bank also provides you with e-statements on a periodic basis.
  • It uses credit card statements to advertise newly launched financial products and services that are considered beneficial for customers. 
  • You can keep track of spending, like how much you spend and where you are spending. 
  • With the help of credit card statements, one can get to know any inappropriate card usage by unauthorised persons. It further facilitates better management of finances in the long run. 

Different Ways to Get a Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Statement

Mentioned below are the different ways to get a Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Statement:

  1. Through Website: 
  • Visit the Axis Bank credit card statement web portal.
  • Provide the credit card details like card number, name, date of birth, and expiry date.
  • Click the tab “Get Statement”.
  • Choose the preferred month for which the statement is to be downloaded.
  • Click the option “Click Here to Download Credit Card Statement.” Then, mention the “Month & Year” to download the statement.
  1. Through Mobile Banking:
  • Log in to the Axis Bank mobile banking app.
  • Select the tab “Credit Card”.
  •  From the list of available options, choose the option “Credit Card Statement”.
  • Set the date range and then press the “Download Statement” tab to download the credit card statement as a PDF.
  1. Through Internet Banking:
  • Use your credentials to log in to Axis Bank’s internet banking account.
  • Go to the section “Credit Cards”.
  • Now click the tab “View Statement”.
  • Select the previous statements or choose the date of your choice.
  • Click the option “Get Statement” to get a PDF version of your statement.
  1. By Visiting Bank:
  • Visit your nearby Axis Bank.
  • Ask the bank representative to get the credit card statement.
  • You may be charged a nominal fee for this service by the bank.
  1. By Calling Customer Care:
  • Contact Axis Bank customer care to request the credit card statement.
  • The bank representative will ask for some details to complete the verification.
  • Once the details are authenticated, the executive will approve the request.
  • Make sure that you call from the registered mobile number.

How do you switch to an Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card E-Statement?

If you’d like to receive your credit card statement for free monthly and daily, consider opting for an e-statement facility. This not only saves paper but also ensures you never miss a statement. By just filling out the “Customer Request Form,” you can switch to Axis Bank Credit card e-statement. There are two modes available to switch to an e-statement, which are as mentioned below:

  1. Through Mobile Banking: 
  • Log in to the Axis Bank mobile banking app.
  • Under the section “Credit Cards,” select the credit card for which an e-statement must be requested.
  • Under the “Total Controls” section, click “E-statement activation” and then choose the credit card.
  • Click “Continue” to process the e-statement.

Through Axis Bank Mobile Application > Credit Cards > Select the Credit Card> Total Controls > E-Statement Activation > Select Credit Card > Continue.

  1. Through Phone Banking:
  • Call the Axis Bank customer care number.
  • Ask the customer care representative to switch to an e-statement.
  • After verification, the customer care executive and authentication, the bank will then process the request.
  • Make sure that you need to call from a registered mobile number.

Through Phone Banking > simply call Phone Banking Centre’s toll-free numbers, i.e. 1860-419-5555, 1860-500-5555.

How to Rectify Errors in Credit Card Statements?

In case any suspicious activity that you think has been carried out without your consent is noticed, you are best advised to contact customer care right away. Alternatively, if any mistakes or errors are noticed on the credit card statement, look at the below-mentioned ways of handling them:

  • Please bring the error or mistake to the attention of Axis Bank credit card customer care immediately. In most cases, the bank will rectify the issue. 
  • The bank may ask you to produce some documentary evidence or proof of the transaction as a part of the resolution process. Hence, it is a good idea to keep a record of your receipts and transactions. 
  • If you are not able to get a satisfactory response from the bank, the issue may be escalated by writing a letter to the Axis Bank credit card customer care. You can write a letter mentioning the issue clearly, along with documentary evidence to prove the same.

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